What We Do

Our specialties:

  • New installation - medium and large scale mechanical systems (e.g. new building for Export Development Canada (EDC) – LEED Gold)
  • Medium and large scale mechanical systems retrofit (e.g. OC Transpo LEED Gold retrofit, Lansdowne Park retrofit)
  • Custom large and small piping fabrication
  • Getting projects completed on time and within budget

How do we do it?

  • Expertise
  • Knowledge based systems
  • CAD-drawn piping schematics, layouts and fabrication drawings
  • Pipe Fabrication Shop
  • Procedures that support reliability
  • Ethics
  • Respect for People
  • Determination
  • Practical Insight


HydroPlumb Mechanical Ltd. combines university trained expertise with practical knowledge gained from years of hands on experience installing mechanical systems and – just as important - managing projects.

Knowledge based systems

We make full use of industry standard Project Management software, plotters, CAD, WENPIPE estimating software. Our staff has the technical expertise to use these tools.

CAD-drawn piping schematics, layouts and fabrication drawings

With our in-house CAD department we produce both interference and fabrication drawings using the latest version of CAD software. We produce installation drawings in 3D for our more complex installations.

Pipe Fabrication Shop

Our plumbing and pipe fabrication ability ensures quality and on time delivery. Many times fabrication begins off-site and is transported as soon as building construction is ready for it. Results? No scheduling delays!.

HydroPlumb Mechanical Ltd. carries a TSSA certificate of authorization for repair and alteration of boiler and pressure vessels in accordance with CSA standard B51, boiler, pressure vessel and pressure piping code.

HydroPlumb Mechanical Ltd. is also TSSA certified to carry out fabrication of power piping in accordance with CSA standard B51 and ASME B31.1 power piping.

Our shop is well equipped and has all the necessary welding and lifting tools. We can prefabricate piping assemblies for multiple washrooms in condo and office towers. Prefabricating piping assemblies also works well for multiple pump and valve systems on inertia bases. The finished assemblies are shipped to site and are craned directly to the location where they are to be installed.

Prefabrication and pre-assembly allows our building projects to achieve a high level of quality, as most of the difficult work is done under fabrication shop conditions - for final assembly at the site.

Procedures that support reliability - Communications systems

Our company culture focuses on communication. When challenges arise, we use our experience and expertise working closely with the Engineer, General Contractor and other sub-contractors to evolve a solution – usually before it becomes a problem.

Our communication culture has been facilitated by our investment in electronic tools – ranging from smart phones, to a centralized electronic filing, to onsite offices linked to our network.


We choose to work with contractors with the same values. We pay our subcontractors on time.
Click here for our full ethics/mission statement.

Respect for people

Our strong leadership team has been recognized beyond HydroPlumb Mechanical Ltd.

Within our Office

At HydroPlumb Mechanical Ltd. we develop our staff through training both external and hands on.  Our preference to promote from within allows us to enjoy the benefits of long term staff retention.  

Highly skilled and motivated unionized employees

Access to skilled labour is essential to us for the success of any project. At times there is a need to accelerate the work, and access to a skilled labour pool is essential. HydroPlumb Mechanical Ltd. is signatory to the Collective Bargaining Agreement with the local union for the plumbing trade. This gives us access to additional skilled labour. Over the years HydroPlumb Mechanical Ltd. has developed good relationships with the management of the local unions, and also has hired and has managed to retain a core of highly skilled and motivated unionized employees.

Health and Safety

Our “New Employee Handbook” is given to each new employee. This handbook contains:

  • Clear, actionable guidelines on ethical issues.
  • Duties and responsibilities of the employer and the employee.
  • Click here for a the chapter on Health and Safety.
  • Expectations are that employees work safely and report any unsafe conditions. These expectations are routinely reinforced by HydroPlumb Mechanical Ltd.’s project managers and management promoting a safe environment.

Design Experience

Mechanical system design for Ottawa City Hall

Ottawa City Hall on Sussex Drive.

Nick Haitas was the Mechanical Engineer of Record, in charge of the mechanical team that did the mechanical systems’ design, including cooling, heating, ventilation, building automation, plumbing and fire systems for the City Hall. In 1990-91 Mr. Haitas was employed as a senior mechanical engineer for Clemann Large and Paterson, now Genivar Ottawa.

The architect was the world-famous Moshe Safdi.