Who We Are

HydroPlumb is a mechanical HVAC and plumbing contractor.

HydroPlumb is a member of the LMC group of companies, and is a Mechanical Contractor and Fabricator.

We specialize in:

  • Installing or updating heating systems
  • Retrofitting and installing air conditioning systems
  • Refitting and installing HVAC piping and plumbing
  • Fabrication of non-standard piping
  • Industrial Mechanical Work

Keys to HydroPlumb’s Success

HydroPlumb’s growth is made possible because:

  • HydroPlumb maintains a high standard of workmanship and extensive piping and plumbing experience.
  • HydroPlumb is well funded, and can undertake large projects.
  • Business plan — realistic, emphasizing controlled growth based on earnings and available capital rather than borrowed money.
  • We work with companies with similar values for excellence.
  • Access to a well-trained labour pool through signed agreements with the plumbing union.
  • Full access to the resources of its parent company LMC, including two extensive fabrication facilities, project managers, administrative staff, and a large pool of labour
  • Competent management and project managers, trained at university level to deal with technical and management issues.
  • Respect - for employees, clients, engineers, suppliers and sub-contractors.

Our Corporate Goals

HydroPlumb's corporate goals are:

  • to provide professional service and competitive pricing to our clients,
  • to keep at the leading edge of our industry, and
  • to provide gainful and fulfilling employment to our staff and management team.

We take pride in our work and in our ability to achieve these goals on every project HydroPlumb Mechanical Ltd. undertakes.